Real Estate

As a consequence of the high specialization and operational focus that the firm has in the real estate sector as well as the high complexity of the real estate operations that the firm generally deals with, the Department is structured into two distinct divisions: the Administrative Division, Building & Town Planning and the Real Estate Contracts & Funds Division.

The divisions operate synergistically, since efficient assistance and high standing in the real estate sector cannot be considered aside from the two souls of which real estate is composed, which are effectively reflected in the structure of the Department. Its multidisciplinary structure allows the firm to assist clients in civil, regulatory, urban and administrative matters, including extremely complex ones, connected with the acquisition, disposal and development of real estate complexes in each category.

Administrative, Building & Town Planning Division

The Administrative, Building & Town Planning Division provides legal assistance and advice to public and private entities and companies primarily in relation to the development and enhancement of residential, commercial, tertiary, production and hospitality properties with specific reference to issues related to urban planning and building law.

The Division also deals with urban planning assessments of real estate and real estate portfolios and legal feasibility studies in urban planning and construction in the context of real estate development projects, as well as with assisting clients and public administrations in the field of administrative and urban planning procedures and the preparation of urban planning agreements and implementation plans.

The Administrative, Building & Town Planning Division deals also with the performance of the legal due diligence, for urban, administrative and building law profiles, in synergy with the Real Estate Contracts & Funds Division in the context of acquisition operations and disposal of properties and real estate portfolios.

Real Estate Contracts & Funds Division

The Real Estate Contracts & Funds Division provides assistance and legal advice to Italian and foreign private real estate operators in all phases connected with property acquisition and disposal, real estate portfolios and investments in real estate companies, guaranteeing highly dedicated, professional and efficient support in all their phases, from the preliminary activities (letters of intent, head of terms, due diligence), to the preparation and negotiation of all the related contracts, in the context of both asset deals and share deals, including aspects related to financing and refinancing of transactions (including negotiation of the security package) and, in general, assistance until closing.

The Division also deals with providing assistance to companies in the preparation, negotiation and finalization of leases and rental contracts for companies and business units, as well as providing assistance in the creation of real estate vehicles, collective investment entities for real estate purposes, such as asset management companies, investment funds and “SICAF”, and in the management of the various phases of their activity.

Data Protection

The Data Protection & ICT department is composed of highly specialized professionals, mainly focused on e-business, new technologies issues and specialized – not exclusively – on the digital advertising market. In addition, the team provides legal assistance on an ongoing basis to the most important association in the field of digital advertising in Italy.

The department is also renowned for its extensive experience and know-how in privacy and data protection. The team provides assistance to several companies, both on the internal compliance with data protection law (human resource management, customer and supplier CRM, as well as intra-group relations) and in relation to the preparation and drafting of all the essential documentation to allow proper data management within the business.

The department’s expertise includes, specifically:

Assessment, compliance and drafting

Creation of privacy-compliant structures and drafting of the mandatory documentation, as well as review of the security measures applied and support in the implementation of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA); drafting and negotiation of data monetization agreements, assignment contracts for advertising agencies, call center service supply agreements, partnership contracts on data driven projects, also with reference to programmatic advertising (agreements relating to DMP, ad-server, trading-desk, ad-exchange, DSP and SSP) privacy waivers; privacy policies, cookie policies and correct implementation of Consent Management Platforms (CMPs);

On-going ICT support

Daily assistance on ICT law (including privacy) in relation to the services provided for by the clients, as well as the recommendation of legal solutions that may have a direct impact on business development and on-going projects; drafting of new agreements and / or documentation and / or support in projects, with related assessments and feasibility evaluations;

Support with reference to websites, landing pages, apps and e-commerce

Assistance from the so-called “creation phase” on the so-called “go-live phase” of websites, landing pages, mini-sites and applications, with particular specialization in the e-commerce, lead generation and mobile advertising sector; this peculiar advisory service includes agreements – to be agreed with partners and / or suppliers with regard to software development and management – as well as support with designing and drafting data collection forms (with the related requests for consent), drafting of privacy policies, correct management of advertising and profiling tools and the preparation of terms and conditions of service.

Intellectual Property and Advertising Department

The department is made up of highly specialized professionals in the fields of intellectual and industrial property and in the field of offline and online advertising.

The main sectors in which the department operates are the following:

Trademarks, Domain Names, Patents and Design

Through activities such as trademark prior searches aimed at defining an ad hoc protection strategy, trademark applications filing and registration activities, monitoring, renewal and management of portfolios of national, European and international rights, drafting of brand protection, study of designs (of product, package, store layout) aimed at defining the best protection strategy, drafting of T&C.

Trade Secrets/Know-How

Through activities such as the study of commercial and technical knowledge in order to define the best protection strategy, for example, through the creation of a corporate policy and the drafting of specific clauses in the relevant contracts aimed to ensure the confidentiality and the value of the know-how.


Through activities such as the study of creativity / works, software and algorithms in order to define the best protection strategy and / or the contracts necessary for their protection, and software filing activity.


Through activities such as clearance of advertising campaigns according to national legislation (e.g. comparative advertising, promotions, communication through social networks) and sector (e.g. alcoholic beverages, special foods) and support in the implementation of influencer marketing campaigns.

Commercial Contracts

Through activities such as drafting and negotiation of license agreements and assignment of industrial property rights, co-branding, commission of contents or intellectual works, software development, apps and domain names, distribution (of products and services, films and audiovisual works), sponsorship, franchising, non-competition agreements, secrecy and confidentiality.

IP Due Diligence

Through activities such as the examination of the portfolio of industrial property in order to highlight critical issues and strengths and collect the correct and complete information necessary both in case of sale, assignment or license of a specific asset, and in mergers and acquisitions or requests for loans.

Food Law

Through activities such as the study of labeling profiles and the definition of a product launch strategy in compliance with the relevant legislation, analysis of in-store commercial communication profiles and on the package of food products, assistance with geographical indications and indications of origin.

M&A & Small Caps Department

The M&A & Small Caps Department provides both private companies and enterprises and regulated entities with complete and tailored legal assistance and advisory in the context of M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions, at all stages: from the drafting of the term sheet or the memorandum of understandings to the due diligence activity up to the closing.

The department’s skills and experience encompass any kind of extraordinary transactions, from sale and purchase of shareholdings, to mergers and demergers, from transfers of businesses and going concerns to corporate capital transactions, from investment and co-investment contracts to shareholders’ agreements. The Department also has significant experience and a specific focus in the assistance to target companies as well as investors in small caps investment operations, with a particular focus on start-ups and scale-ups operating in the field of the digital transformation. The Department provide also a complete extra-judicial legal assistance and advisory, also on an ongoing basis, with respect to matters involving commercial and corporate law as well as corporate secretary services.

Through the interactions between the M&A & Small Caps Department and the Data Protection & ICT Department, the firm is able to offer multi-sectoral and specific consultancy also to companies operating in the recently established technological field, according to work-for-equity schemes in able to support these companies in their first steps on the market.


The Litigation department is composed by highly specialized professionals and operates closely with the other departments of the law firm. This arrangement guarantees our clients complete assistance within every area of expertise, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

The department focuses in both pre-litigation stage, with particular emphasis in identifying opportunities and risks of starting a potential proceeding, and litigation. In specific, clients are offered assistance to handle both ordinary and special proceedings, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolutions.

The department mainly operates within the following areas:

Civil law

In particular in proceedings concerning commercial contracts, compensation for damages and property rights.

Commercial and Company law

In particular in proceeding concerning unfair competition, abuse of a dominant position or abuse of economic dependence and legal actions against company administrators.

Banking and financial law

In particular in proceeding concerning bank accounts, mortgages, legal guarantees, bank cheques and financial products.

The department has also gained significant experience in matters concerning:

Privacy and Data Protection

Both in proceedings before the Italian Data Protection Authority and proceeding before the Court regarding oppositions against administrative fines and compensations for damages.


In particular in proceeding concerning new or emerging technologies, social media and influencer marketing, trademarks and patents, domain name, copyright, advertising, all of which can be handled before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Italian Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute (IAP), the Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and before the Courts.

Labour Law

The Labour Law department is made up of professionals with proven experience, able to provide specialized advice and assistance in all areas of labour law and trade union law. The firm’s professionals assist private individuals and companies, including listed companies, both in legal proceedings and in the case of disputes and out-of-court negotiations, with a particular focus on extraordinary operations, restructuring and staff reduction.


The skills and experience of the department allow to offer assistance with respect to any type of problem relating to personnel management such as, for example, in the context of disputes related to individual and collective dismissals, relations with trade unions, cases of mobbing, to violations linked to industrial secrets, to the duties of loyalty or non-competition.


The department provides its clients with its expertise in the out-of-court area as well, providing assistance to private individuals and businesses in every phase of the management of the employment relationship. In particular, the firm offers assistance in out-of-court negotiations, both individual and collective, with a particular focus on extraordinary operations, restructuring and staff reduction. At the same time, the department takes care, on behalf of the clients, of drafting and implementing all the necessary documents for the proper conduct of relations with networks of agents or subordinate workers, providing assistance, by way of example, in the drafting of employment contracts, disciplinary codes, short and long term remuneration plans, etc.

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